Six-Outlet Adjustable Pot Manifold

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Adjustable Six-Outlet PC Pot Manifold is used to retrofit an existing 1/2”, or 3/4" sprinkler riser into a six-outlet drip irrigation system without altering or increasing the total flow of the sprinkler system zone. It has six independently adjustable, pressure compensating outlets with flow rates between 0 and 20 GPH at operating pressures of up to 50 PSI. Each outlet accepts 1/4" micro tubing, 1/4” soaker hose or the addition of drip emitters and adjustable stakes to bring water to each plant root zone at a maximum flow of 20 GPH per outlet.


•Replacing the sprinkler riser with the six-outlet manifold can lead to water savings of 50% to 70%.

•Each outlet has a barb with flow control knob that allows flow adjustment and installation flexibility

•Allows incorporation of 1/4” drip line, 1/4” soaker hose or the use of drip emitters to a maximum flow of 20 GPH per outlet

•Replacing a sprinkler head with drip irrigation can eliminate wet walls and discoloration and staining of fences and windows

•Effectively waters 6 grow pots at once

•No special tools or glue are needed

•Use with any brand's 1/4" micro tubing

•Fits 1/2" or 3/4" male pipe