About Us

Hi, my name is Lori!

I have been in the irrigation business for the last 18 years with my husband. It's time I created my own website and sell items that I like and have told customers about for years. I just love putting up my hanging baskets, filling up the planters with flowers in the spring. Allot of failure happens because of inadequate watering. I'm here to help all of you interested in watering your pots! Now speaking of pot, "None of my business what you plant in your pots". I'm a stage 4 cancer patient and was given less than a year. I'm still here after the original diagnosis 8 years ago. So, my interest in the last few years has been with medical marijuana, I believe in it! So, if your wanting to water your pot.....and need assistance, chances are I can help you out. I have also been testing different products for my exclusive products (watch for them as they become available). Looking forwarding to helping you with your container gardening, and any of you have cannabis stories you might want to share.

All the best,