Drip Irrigation


Hello there, welcome to wateryourpot.com, your number one stop for all pot-watering needs. We are a dedicated company that focuses on selling the best indoor and outdoor watering kits. Our products are made to last and make it easy and fun to water your plants. Water Your Pot Indoor Plant Automatic Watering Systems are automated and combine automatic drip watering system. Our systems are automated to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule so that you can simply set a drip watering schedule and enjoy the freedom of having your plants automatically watered and fertilized. You get to use minimum effort to grow your plants to the maximum with our drip irrigation systems.

Why use our drip irrigation systems?

You will save more on water and money. Use 70% less water than traditional spray and drip heads by spot watering your plants straight in their vessel, making your pot watering system great for saving water. Our watering systems are customized with the latest technology allowing you to control watering your plants through our systems by using your smartphone. Our watering kits are reliable and durable enough so that you can focus on other things, knowing that your plants will be taken care of to the maximum with our watering kits.

As a customer, you will get the best pot-watering kits out there. Our products are tested and certified to ensure that you get the best experience while using them. We care about our customers and strive to provide the best watering kits. We not only sell our products, but we also guide our customers on how to use them and provide the best indoor and outdoor plant maintenance guides so that your plants thrive to their fullest potential.

If you happen to grow cannabis in your home, our drip irrigation kits are best suited to help you farm your cannabis. Our kits provide the best drip irrigation to your pot-grown cannabis and can help you maximize your output whilst saving money and resources.

Feel free to interact with us and tell us your drip irrigation needs and we will be more than happy to share our expertise with you. Buying products from us will put you on the front page of receiving auto updates on how to manage your pot-grown plants.