Flag Drippers

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Flag Drippers or Emttiers for Drip Irrigation allows water to flow smoothly, without turbulence, as the water slows in velocity. Flag Drippers are non pressure compensating. The Flag Dripper is cleanable, simply unlock the flag with a simple twist and pull flag out to rinse clean.
#423 1 gph Flag Dripper (Bag of 10)
#424 2 gph Flag Dripper (Bag of 10)
#425 4 gph Flag Dripper (Bag of 10)
Take apart, non pressure compensating flag drippers can be pulled apart for easy cleaning. Self-tapping barbed inlet for easy installation and color coded one, two and four gph outputs. 1/4" barb easily attaches to mainline tubing or 1/4" micro tubing. Great for spot watering trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. Use micro tubing stakes to keep the dripper up out of the dirt and to deter bugs. Also great for low pressure and gravity fed systems.